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Dry Beef and Cod Cubes for Dogs

Selected high-quality raw materials, carefully selected fresh beef meat and cod, balanced nutrition, scientific formula, balanced addition of trace elements, soft and hard palatability, easy to digest. Rich in protein and minerals for pet love. When training your dog, feeding your dog as a reward can greatly improve the efficiency of training.

Guaranteed Analysis of Dry Beef Cod Cube Dry Snack for Dog

Crude protein


Crude fiber


Crude fat


Crude ash




Features of Dry Beef Cod Cube Dry Snack for Dog

  • The sarcosine in beef helps increase musculoskeletal development. Beef contains vitamin B1.B2 and other substances to improve intestinal refreshing pet dog breath.

  • Diversified snacks can ensure the intake of a variety of elements, improve the nutrition needed for dog growth, and the delicious snacks also promote the dog's appetite.

  • Snacks are a way of communication between dogs and owners, and they can increase the fun of both dogs and owners.

Ingredients of Dry Beef Cod Cube Dry Snack for Dog

Beef and beef by products75%
Ox liver15%
Corn starch3%

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