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brine shrimp fish food

Brine shrimp is a popular food source for fish, turtles, and other aquatic pets. It is made by live atchable red eggs, shelled egg and so on, which preserves their nutritional value and flavor. Freeze-dried shrimp is convenient to store and can be rehydrated in water for feeding. It contains high levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Types of Brine Shrimp

Brine Shrimp Eggs
Brine Shrimp Eggs
Brine shrimp eggs are a nutritious source of food for many aquatic animals, providing high levels of protein and essential nutrients.

Benefits of Brine Shrimp

Easily Digestible:

Brine shrimp are easily digestible and can be broken down by the fish's digestive system, making them a good source of protein.


Brine shrimp are good aqua-feed products of protein, vitamins, and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium, which are beneficial for the growth and development of your fish.

Long Shelf-life:

Brine shrimp have a long shelf-life compared to live or frozen brine shrimp. They can be stored in a sealed container for a long time without refrigeration, making them convenient to use.

Easy to Feed:

Brine shrimp are easy to feed and can be added directly to the tank without the hassle of preparing them beforehand.


Brine shrimp are more affordable and convenient compared to live or frozen brine shrimp, making them a cost-effective option for fish owners.

How to Feed Brine Shrimp?

1. Hatching solution: Seawater with a salinity of 1.5% to 2.5% after filtration and disinfection (or brine with the same specifications)

2. Temperature: 28°C-30°C

3. PH range: 8-9

4. llumination: The recommended illumination is 2000 lux for above hatching solution

5. Inflatable: Maintain aeration to keep all cysts in suspension throughout hatching period

6. Density: Allow 2.5 grams of cysts per litre of solution

7. Hatching time: Allow 24 hours for inflatable hatching

8. Storage: The products should be stored in a dry place below -10°C

Brine Shrimp FAQS

Where do brine shrimp come from?

Brine shrimp are made from the small marine crustacean called Artemia salina.

Are brine shrimp safe for fish?

Yes, brine shrimp are safe for fish, both freshwater and saltwater fish. However, they should not be the only source of food for your fish and should be balanced with other types of food.

How long can brine shrimp last?

Brine shrimp can last for a long time, especially when stored in an airtight container with a desiccant pack. It is best to check the expiration date on the packaging and follow storage instructions to ensure the quality and freshness of the food.

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