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Chicken Wrapped Biscuits Treats for Dog

The outer bone shape biscuit wrapping meat is made of chicken breast meat, which is the part of chicken body rich in nutrition and delicious taste. It is high in protein, low in fat, easy to digest and absorb, rich in various trace elements required by pets daily, which is conducive to the health of pet body and hair.

Guaranteed Analysis of Chicken Wrap Dog Biscuit

Crude protein


Crude fat


Crude fiber






Features of Chicken Wrap Dog Biscuit

  • Proect Teeth: while your dog is enjoying the chicken wrapped biscuits, chew the biscuits to clean the teeth, reduce plaque and dental stones, remove bad breath and make the teeth stronger

  • Balanced nutrition: we choose fresh raw materials and make it with a scientific formula to retain protein. The taste is strong and palatability is good.

  • Vegetable fiber: Enhance probiotic digestion in your dog's alimentary canal.

Ingredients of Chicken Wrap Dog Biscuit

Chicken, biscuits, starch, vegetable fiber, vegetable protein, salt, vegetable oil

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