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Spirulina Crisp

Crispy particles has good stability in water. They're soft particles, easy for ornamental fish to swallow, add spirulina and other color raising raw materials, so that the surface of the ornamental fish has brighter color.

Guaranteed Analysis of Spirulina Crisp

Crude protein:≥35%
Crude fat:≥5%
Crude fiber:≤3%
Crude ash content:≤10%

Features of Spirulina Crisp

  • Slow sinking, good stability in water, soft particles, easy to swallow, suitable for freshwater fish seawater fish

  • Add astaxanthin and other color raising raw materials, so that the ornamental fish body surface color is bright

  • Add digestive enzymes, promote absorption, fish defecate easily

  • Feed will soften when exposed to water but will not pulverize, do not spray oil, do not add, and reduce fish tank pollution

Ingredients of Spirulina Crisp

High gluten flour, imported white fish meal, krill powder, soybean meal, corn protein powder, yeast powder, squid visceral powder, spirulina, food coloring, fish oil, starch, fluffing agent, mineral premix, multi-vitamins, mildew-proof agent, antioxidan

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