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Aquatic White Prawn Feed

South American white prawn compound feed, which is rich in nutrition, promote growth, healthy ingredients, balanced nutrition, to meet the appetite of prawn.

Guaranteed Analysis of Aquatic White Prawn Feed

Crude protein


Crude fat


Crude fiber


Crude ash content




Features of Aquatic White Prawn Feed

  • According to the different growth stages of penaeus white shrimp, the specific formula design was adopted to fully meet the nutritional requirements of each stage.

  • Good stability in water, less loss of nutrients, and less water pollution.

  • Advanced feed processing technology is adopted to significantly improve the digestibility, absorption and palatability of various nutrients. High aquaculture efficiency.

Ingredients of Aquatic White Prawn Feed

Imported fish meal, soybean meal, flower meal, high gluten flour, exquisite fish oil, amino acids, vitamins.

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