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  • freeze dried earthworms

  • dried earthworms

Freeze-dried Earthworms

Earthworms have high value as feed, and some poultry and livestock can be directly fed with live earthworms during aquaculture, but many times they require frozen processing. Earthworms can also be made into slurry or earthworm powder, which can be added to feed.

Guaranteed Analysis of Freeze-dried Earthworms

Crude protein:≥78%
Crude fat:≥7%
Crude fiber:≤1.5%
Crude ash content:≤5.8%

Features of Freeze-dried Earthworms

  • High nutritional content: Freezing is a vacuum, low temperature, and slow process that ensures that the nutritional components of the raw materials are not easily lost during the drying process, and the content and biological activity of protein, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and trace elements are retained

  • Long retention time: The vacuum drying process of freeze-drying ensures the natural flavor of the raw meat and maintains its fragrance.

  • Easy to digest: Just like the freeze-dried beef granules in instant noodles that people often consume, frozen pet snacks are easy to absorb water and soften, making them easy to digest.

Ingredients of Freeze-dried Earthworms

All natural earthworms

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