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Tuna Canned Cat Wet Food

High quality protein, delicate and easy to digest, giving pets healthy and delicious food. Natural tuna meat is selected as the main raw material, which tastes delicious and does not contain artificial additives

Guaranteed Analysis of Tuna Canned Cat Wet Food

Crude protein≥12%
Crude fat≥0.5%
Crude fiber≤1.5%

Features of Tuna Canned Cat Wet Food

  • Wet food can provide relatively high quality animal protein: the animal protein of high-quality wet food can be guaranteed, which can provide protein nutrition for the growth of cats more efficiently;

  • Wet food can provide a lot of water. Domestic cats naturally do not like to drink water, but wet snack itself contains a lot of water. When cats eat wet snack, it also plays a role in replenishing water, which can effectively reduce the risk of urinary stones and kidney disease.

  • Wet food are low in carbohydrates. Carbohydrate-rich food is mainly plant food, which is a relatively cheap source of energy. However, cats are naturally carnivores, and too much carbohydrate will cause excessive gastrointestinal burden to cats.

Ingredients of Tuna Canned Cat Wet Food

Tuna, taurine, glycine, lecithin, vitamin A, vitamin D3, vitamin E, amino acid complex zinc, amino acid complex, amino acid complex copper

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