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Quality Control


In the dynamic world of feed mill production, maintaining quality and efficiency is paramount. This involves meticulous attention to various stages of production, from raw material handling to the final storage. To complement these practices, pet food businesses can also explore options like cheap dry dog food in bulk, dry dog food wholesale, bulk cat food, dried cuttlefish for birds, private label fish food, and bulk buy pet food for a comprehensive approach to pet nutrition.

Clean up

Raw materials and auxiliary materials should be cleaned and iron-removed. Cleaning standards are: organic impurities shall not exceed 50mg/kg, diameter is not greater than 10mm; Magnetic impurity shall not exceed 50mg/kg and diameter shall not exceed 2mm. In addition, impurity removal of iron should also be carried out before raw material crushing or powder granulation. We should often check the working condition of cleaning equipment and magnetic separation equipment to avoid any damage or plugging .Our team also regularly clean up the residual material of various mechanical equipment.


The grinding process mainly controls the grinding size and its uniformity. Too large or too small feed particles will lead to feed segregation phenomenon, thus breaking the uniformity of the product. All kinds of animals have a suitable range of powder size, so our team should be according to its requirements to ensure the appropriate grinding size. In the crushing operation, attention should be paid to check whether the screen plate of the crusher is damaged, and whether the fixing bolt of the screen support is loose and leaky. It is better to adopt airflow classification for the crushing of premixed feed.


The measurement accuracy of ingredients directly affects the content of each component in feed products and has great influence on animals. To ensure the accuracy of measurement, measurement equipment regularly check. Operators must have a strong sense of responsibility, strictly in accordance with the formula.


In feed production, mixing plays an important role in ensuring feed processing quality. The main control points are to choose the appropriate mixer, the correct mixing operation procedure, and check the mixing uniformity and the best mixing time, but also to prevent the cross contamination when changing the formula or premix mixing.


In addition to the performance of molding equipment, the productivity and quality of molding feed largely depend on the molding performance of raw materials and conditioning technology. The same molding equipment, due to the material characteristics, process conditions and operating level differences, its productivity may be 3~4 times. The technological conditions of granulation are formulated according to the physicochemical properties of the main raw materials in the feed formula and the granulation performance of the diet, including the material conditioning conditions for preparation for molding, namely steam pressure, temperature, moisture and conditioning time. The results show that the hardness of the pellets can be increased, the pulverization rate reduced and the feed can be sterilized by conditioning the pellets according to different raw materials and feeding requirements.


Because the supply of raw materials and product sales are restricted by many factors, in order to ensure the normal operation of feed mill production and sales, it is necessary to establish a warehouse for necessary storage.

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