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  • beef sausage dogs

Ham Sausage Chicken Duck Beef Flavor

Cat and dog general type fresh meat ham sausage, use preferably grass-fed beef, pure chicken and duck as raw material. Taste delicious, rich in protein, to help pets grow and develop. About 80% of fresh meat rejects scraps. Special addition of vitamin C, improve pet appetite, help digestion, appropriate amount of spirulina powder, balanced ratio.

Guaranteed Analysis of Ham Sausage Chicken Duck Beef Flavor

Crude protein≥25%
Crude fat≥10%
Crude ash content≤2%
Crude fiber≤2.5%

Features of Ham Sausage Chicken Duck Beef Flavor

  • Help the owner teach the dog more new skills and enhance the relationship between people and pets

  • You can mix the main food with sausage to strengthen the pet's appetite, and even the picky dog can eat a big bowl of dog food

  • Independent packaging, easy to carry when going out at any time to supplement the pet nutrition

Ingredients of Ham Sausage Chicken Duck Beef Flavor

Fresh meat, corn starch, soy protein isolate, calcium carbonate, calcium taurine phosphate mineral integrations, trace elements, drinking water, edible salt, sugar, water retention agent, potassium sorbate, etc

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