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Group Building

In order to further improve the work efficiency of leaders and employees of BZY company, expand working ideas and improve working methods, strengthen the construction of corporate culture and enhance the communication and cohesion within the company, on April 21, 2023, BZY manager Matthew personally led BZY employees to Xiangshan County, Ningbo City, to carry out a unique team building activity.

The team building activities took various forms, including mountaineering, water rafting and visiting Xiangshan Studios.

In the climbing process, everyone competed and encouraged each other, showing the healthy, united and high-spirited spirit of BZY staff.

Then, we sat down from the top of the mountain drifting boat.

After the mountaineering activity, everyone came to the gate of Xiangshan Film City and gathered together to drink and enjoy the local special food. After lunch, we went to the movie city for a visit. This group building activity imperceptiibly increased the feelings between colleagues, improve everyone's tacit understanding and unity. BZY proved by his actions that "building a high-quality and efficient management team" is not just a slogan, but a belief embedded in corporate culture. Through colorful interactions, the horizontal communication between employees was strengthened. This team building activity also stimulated the positive attitude of BZY employees again and enhanced the team cohesion of the backbone of BZY.


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