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Saltwater Fish Feed Flakes

Freeze-dried saltwater fish feed flakes are a type of fish food made by freeze-drying saltwater fish, containing high-quality protein and essential nutrients. Flake feed made by special technology is the basic diet of small fish. Flake feed has high nutritional value, is made of dozens of materials mixed, easy to be absorbed by fish. These nutrients can better promote the healthy and rapid development of fish. Flake feed keeps the fish bright and shiny.

Guaranteed Analysis of Colorful Shrimp Flake

Crude protein≥33%
Crude fat≥3%
Crude fiber≤5%
Crude ash content≤10%

Features of Colorful Shrimp Flake

  • Thin sheet feed is relatively thin, can float on the water well, but also convenient for middle and upper layer fish to eat

  • After soaking in the water for a period of time, the sheet will soften and gradually sink to the bottom, which is convenient for the bottom fish to eat

  • Thin sheet feed is more scattered, the part floating on the water is easier to clean, and it can be fished out with a scoop. Suitable for small fish in all water layers

Ingredients of Colorful Shrimp Flake

Fish meal, puffed soybean, wheat bran, imported fish meal, yeast powder, corn starch, food grade soybean phospholipids, stable vitamins, a variety of minerals, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, calcium propionate (anti-mold agent), ethoxy quinolines (antioxidant), etc

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