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Black Shrimp Flake

Black shrimp flake is easy to digest and absorb, strong suspension in water, palatability is excellent, strong feeding ability, so it can improve the feeding function of shrimp seedlings, increase the vitality of seedlings, adapt to the growth environment.

Guaranteed Analysis of Black Shrimp Flake

Crude protein


Crude fat


Crude fiber


Crude ash content




Features of Black Shrimp Flake

  • Easy to digest, strong suspension in water, excellent oral attraction, strong feeding ability, can improve the feeding function of seedlings.

  • It can rapidly reproduce the growth and development of fish and shrimp seedlings, provide a high degree of essential nutrients, promote growth and development, improve survival rate, and stabilize the aquaculture water.

  • Enhance seedling vitality, adapt to growing environment, and do not pollute water quality.

  • Improve the resistance to the original organism and bacteria, can improve its growth rate.

Ingredients of Black Shrimp Flake

White fish meal, fish soluble pulp, fish oil, lecithin, Antarctic krill meal

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