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Yellow Popcorn Small Pet Feed

This small pet snack is made of rice, flour and other main raw materials, water and pigment as auxiliary materials, by mixing and puffing

Guaranteed Analysis of Yellow Popcorn Small Pet Feed

Crude protein:3.9%

Crude fat:1.4%

Crude fiber:0.4%


Features of Yellow Popcorn Small Pet Feed

1. Higher digestibility, raw materials through the swelling process of high temperature, high pressure treatment and various mechanical effects, can destroy and soften the cell wall of the fiber structure, so that the starch gelatinization, protein organization, conducive to animal digestion and absorption. The digestibility and utilization rate of feed were significantly improved, and the extruded feed could increase digestibility by 10% ~ 35%. The feed digestibility and utilization rate can be effectively improved by expanding.

2. Various shapes, greatly improve the appearance of food attraction value.

3. More hygienic, the swelling process makes the material undergo higher temperature and pressure treatment than the granulation process, so it can achieve better sterilization effect. It can not only prevent animal digestive tract diseases, but also more effectively remove heat-sensitive toxins and anti-nutrient factors in feed.

4. Better palatability, in the puffing process, not only starch curing can increase the aroma, fat from the inside of the cell to the surface and the interaction between sugar, protein and fat, but also make the feed have a special flavor. All these make the palatability of the feed better, which is conducive to stimulating the animal to eat.

Ingredients of Yellow Popcorn Small Pet Feed

Rice, flour, water, coloring

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