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Aquatic Turtle Extruded Feed

The daily feeding amount should be determined according to the specification, quantity and previous feeding conditions of turtle, and according to the increase or decrease of water quality, water temperature, climate and physical condition of turtle. The daily feeding amount should be about 1-4% of the body weight of turtle. Do not overfeed. 2. Soft particle feeding is adopted, and the proportion of water added to soft particle diameter (0.2-0.8cm) is about 35-50% of the feed amount according to the size of soft-shell. 3. Feed 2-4 times a day, and eat within 40 minutes each time.

Guaranteed Analysis of Aquatic Turtle Extruded Feed

Crude protein


Crude fat


Crude fiber


Crude ash content




Features of Aquatic Turtle Extruded Feed

  • Balanced nutrition, good taste, good digestion and absorption, stable quality.

  • Advanced equipment technology, fine powder, good uniformity, good water stability.

  • Adding yeast hydrolysate, fermenting cypress, activating immune system, improving water quality, and enhancing disease prevention and disease resistance.

Ingredients of Aquatic Turtle Extruded Feed

Imported fish meal, high gluten flour, yeast hydrolysate, fermented soybean meal, soybean protein concentrate, vitamins and retinoids, amino acids, etc.

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