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  • White/Yellow/Red/Black Millet Bird Food

  • White/Yellow/Red/Black Bulk Millet For Birds

White/Yellow/Red/Black/Brown Millet Seed for Bird

Millet bird seed is the staple food of most birds, containing pigeons and birds daily need crude fiber, protein and other nutrients. BZY white/yellow/red/black/brown millet bird food is a good choice for birds to supplement nutrition.

White/Yellow/Red/Black/Brown Millet Bird Seed Bulk Specification

Crude Protein

Crude Fat≥2.7%

White/Yellow/Red/Black/Brown Bulk Millet Seed for Bird Features

  • Our bulk millet bird seed not only has high nutritional value, but also has a good auxiliary effect on the development of birds, molting, estrus, breeding and other stages. This wholesale bird seed series has the effect of helping digestion, supplementing required nutrition, improving resistance, and also has certain medicinal value.

Ingredients of White/Yellow/Red/Black/Brown Millet Seed for Bird

White/Yellow/Red/Black/Brown Millet Seed

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