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Puffed Feed For Koi Fish

The main nutrients of koi feed include protein, fat, optional carbohydrates, feed vitamins and minerals. Protein is an important component of overall koi growth and tissue repair, fat provides the introductory energy required by koi, and carbohydrates are the main source of energy for Koi. Vitamins and minerals play an important role in koi's health and immune system.

Koi is a kind of voracious fish, like to eat a good taste of feed. In general, koi like to eat soft and easy to chew feed, and do not like hard and difficult to chew feed.

Guaranteed Analysis of Puffed Feed for KOI Fish

Crude protein≥38%
Crude fat≥4%
Crude fiber≤3%
Crude ash content≤10%

Features of Puffed Feed for KOI Fish

  • The expanded feed contains nutrients that are easily absorbed by koi carp. It is also possible to observe the health of koi carp while feeding feed.

  • Feed will soften when exposed to water but will not pulverize, do not spray oil, do not add, and reduce fish tank pollution

  • Feed containing a certain amount of calcium can promote digestion and help absorb fat and phosphorus. In addition to obtaining calcium and phosphorus from feed, koi can also penetrate calcium and phosphorus from water into their bodies through their skin and gills.

Ingredients of Puffed Feed for KOI Fish

Fish meal, soybean meal, flour, soybean phospholipid oil, spirulina powder, astaxanthin, vitamins, mineral elements, etc.

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