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Dried Cuttlefish Bone for Birds

Dried cuttlefish bones usually need to be washed and peeled, and then boiled in water to remove the salt inside, and then dried for the bird to eat. The dried cuttlefish bones for birds contain a lot of calcium components, which can effectively supplement the birds' needs for calcium. And cuttlefish bones can also help birds grind their teeth and give birds a way to kill time. If birds are breeding, the owner can feed more dried cuttlefish bones for calcium. The eggs will be healthier and the chicks will emerge from the shell in better shape.

Dried Cuttlefish Bone for Birds Specification

Crude Protein


Crude Fat


Crude Fiber


Crude Ash




Dried Cuttlefish Bone for Birds Features

  • Calcium supplements.Dried cuttlefish bones provide essential calcium for parrots.

  • Supplement various vitamins, minerals and proteins to increase nutrition.

  • This kind of wholesale bird food can also work as teeth-grinding toys. If the bird does not regard dried cuttlefish bone as food, but as something to chew on, it will have to be broken into pieces to feed, for some birds can chew a large piece in a day. If the bird only nibbles once in a while, the dried cuttlefish bone can be put in large chunks for them to play with.

Dried Cuttlefish Bone for Birds Ingredients

Cuttlefish Bone

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