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  • sugar cookie cologne for dogs

Sugar Cookie Deodorant Spray for Dog

Pet biscuits commonly used raw materials include wheat flour, starch, plant/animal oil, milk powder/milk, eggs and other substances, commonly used additives include bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, light calcium carbonate, xanthan gum, lecithin and so on. In addition to the above ingredients, it is also supplemented with tea polyphenols, isomaltose oligomeric, vitamins and minerals to increase the nutritional functions of pet cookies such as eliminating bad breath, calcium supplement and so on.

Guaranteed Analysis of Dog Deodorant Cookies

Crude protein
Crude fat≥5%
Crude ash content≤3%
Crude fiber≤1%

Features of Dog Deodorant Cookies

  • Let the dog deodorize and clean the teeth, improve the gastrointestinal motility of the pet

  • Balanced nutrition, strong pet bones

  • Feed the dog one when you goes out, so that the dog can relieve boredom alone at home and avoid demolishing the house

Ingredients of Dog Deodorant Cookies

Wheat flour, milk powder, tea polyphenol active yeast, cod liver oil, various minerals and vitamins

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