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Loach Puffed Feed

According to the physiological characteristics and growth needs of different growth stages of loach, high-quality raw materials are processed by scientific formula and advanced production technology. It has the characteristics of good feeding ability, good stability in water, comprehensive nutrition, complete digestion and absorption, etc. After ingestion, eel (loach) has fast growth, strong disease resistance, low feed coefficient, and is an ideal supporting product for intensive farming.

Guaranteed Analysis of Loach Puffed Feed

Crude protein≥35%
Crude fat≥5%
Crude fiber≤3%
Crude ash content≤10%

Features of Loach Puffed Feed

  • This product is refined by advanced extruded feed processing technology, which can improve the digestion and absorption rate of various nutrients and palatability.The water stability is good, the loss of nutrients is less, and the water pollution is small.

  • This product has the remarkable characteristics of comprehensive nutrition, improving immunity and promoting growth. Cultured loaches have good color and good quality, which is the ideal bait for increasing production and efficiency of loaches.

Ingredients of Loach Puffed Feed

Imported fish meal, soybean meal, peanut meal, high gluten flour, refined fish oil, amino acids, vitamin

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