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Fry Powder Feed for Freshwater Fish

Openmouth feed is the feed that is fed from the stage when fish fry are cultivated into fish species. The opening material is mainly fine. At first, it was almost tiny powder like particles, which was beneficial for the fish fry to grab food. As the fry slowly grows, the particle size changes.

Feeding open-ended feed is a stage of domesticating fish, which gradually increases from a small amount to attract more fish fry to concentrate on feeding. After regular and quantitative feeding, habits are formed, and open-ended feed is successful.

Guaranteed Analysis of Fry Powder Feed for Freshwater Fish

Crude protein≥42%
Crude fat≥6%
Crude fiber≤10%
Crude ash content≤15%

Features of Fry Powder Feed for Freshwater Fish

  • The feed of the present invention is suitable for feeding larvae during the opening stage after being ultra-fine crushed

  • Adding vitamins and trace elements to ensure the physical health of larvae

  • By adding high-quality protein ingredients such as fish meal, dried river worms, and shrimp meal, the larvae can absorb and grow faster

Ingredients of Fry Powder Feed for Freshwater Fish

Dried river worm, shrimp meal, soybean meal, fish meal, fish oil, flour, Monocalcium phosphate, cereal powder, trace elements, vitamins

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