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  • hairy rabbit ears for dogs

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Dry Rabbit Ear with Fur for Dog

Selected ingredients rabbit ear with fur maintain product toughness, more chewy, low fat. As a healthy and nutritious snack for daily pets, it is used to reward dog training skills, cooperate with training, replenish energy, increase emotional interaction with owners, and make pets more obedient.

Guaranteed Analysis of Dry Rabbit Ear with Fur for Dog

Crude protein≥60%
Crude fat≥7%
Crude ash content≤3%
Crude fiber≤2%

Features of Dry Rabbit Ear with Fur for Dog

  • Prevent dental plaque, dental stones, double row teeth and other problems in dogs

  • Multi-directional teeth cleaning, tartar removal, fresh breath

  • Feed the dog one when you goes out, so that the dog can relieve boredom alone at home and avoid demolishing the house

Ingredients of Dry Rabbit Ear with Fur for Dog

All natural rabbit ear with fur

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